Baby Mix 12 pcs.

Box for a baby bracelet, available in the color white, black or creme.OutsideColored cardboardInsideWhite foamSize60x30x20 mmPieces12..


Bangle Mix 12 pcs.

Mixed colored boxes for bangles.OutsideColored cardboardInsideWhite foamSize90x90x28 mmPieces12..


Croco Ring Red 20 pcs.

Red colored box in croco finish for 1 ring.OutsideRed InsideBlackSize47x52x35 mmPieces20..


Heart ring 120 pcs.

Heart shaped ring box used for 1 ringOutsideFlocked red velvet coatingInsideSoft white velvet Size62x55x40 mmPieces120..


LED ring 10 pcs.

Red matte colored Ledbox for 1 ring.OutsideMatte Red colored InsideWhite Size65x60x50 mmPieces10..


Rainbow-One 24 pcs.

Mixed colored box for 1 ring.OutsideMixed color cardboardInsideWhite foamSize50x50x35 mmPieces24..


Ring Box Red 36 pcs.

Red colored box for 1 ring.OutsideRed colored velvet coatingInsideWhite foamSize52x52x44 mmPieces36..


Ring Gold 72 pcs.

Gold colored box for 1 ring.OutsideGold color cardboardInsideWhite foamSize55x50x33 mmPieces72..


Ring Silver 72 pcs.

Silver colored box for 1 ring.OutsideSilver color cardboardInsideBlack foamSize55x50x33 mmPieces72..


Bangle Red 24 pcs.

Red colored box for 1 to 6 bangles.OutsideRed colored velvet coatingInsideWhite foamSize90x90x60 mmPieces24..


Croco Alliance 15 pcs.

Red colored box in croco finish for 2 rings.OutsideRed InsideBlackSize75x50x35 mmPieces15..


Heart Alliance 12 pcs.

Heart shaped flock wedding box used for 2 ringsOutsideFlocked red velvet coatingInsideSoft white velvet Size120x120x45 mmPieces12..


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