LED Long 10 pcs.

Red matte colored Ledbox for 1 bracelet.OutsideMatte Red colored InsideWhite Size230x55x32 mmPieces10..


Rainbow-Two 24 pcs.

Mixed colored box for 1 ring.OutsideMixed color cardboardInsideWhite foamSize50x50x33 mmPieces24..


Small Set Gold 48 pcs.

Universal golden box used for earrings, necklace and ring. OutsideGold color cardboardInsidewhite foamSize80x55x22 mmPieces48..


Small Set Silver 48 pcs.

Universal silver colored box used for earrings, necklace and ring. OutsideSilver color cardboardInsideBlack foamSize80x55x22 mmPieces48..


Heart Set 5 pcs.

Universal heart shaped flock box used for a necklace, earrings and 1 ringOutsideFlocked red velvet coatingInsideSoft white velvet Size170x170x50 mmPieces5..


LED small set 10 pcs.

Black matte colored Ledbox for a necklace and pendant.OutsideMatte Black colored InsideBlackSize90x70x35 mmPieces10..


Long Red 12 pcs.

Red colored box for 1 bracelet.OutsideRed colored velvet coatingInsideWhite foamSize216x54x32 mmPieces12..


Medium Set Gold 24 pcs.

Universal square golden box used for earrings, necklace and ring.OutsideGold color cardboardInsidewhite foamSize85x85x30 mmPieces24..


Medium Set Silver 24 pcs.

Universal square silver box used for earrings, necklace and ring.OutsideSilver color cardboardInsideBlack foamSize85x85x30 mmPieces24..


Ring Red-Creme 24 pcs.

A red-creme mixed color box for 1 ring.OutsideRed-creme color cardboardInsideWhite foamSize50x50x40 mmPieces24..


Croco Ring Black 20 pcs.

Black colored box in croco finish for 1 ring.OutsideBlackInsideBlackSize47x52x35 mmPieces20..


Large Set Gold 12 pcs.

Universal large size golden box used for earrings, necklace and ring.OutsideGold color cardboardInsideWhite foamSize165x128x32 mmPieces12..


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